September 17, 2009

New Place

I will be doing updates on a different website. The website is called caringbridge and the link to where I will be posting/blogging from now on is listed below.

So I know you are all probably wondering why I am doing this. Nothing happened just blogspot was getting hard for me to use so I created a caringbridge site and I like it better. It's is easier for me to use. Also, you can still leave your comments in the guestbook and the commenting will be easier for you and me. I won't have to be approving every one of your comments which will make things easier and your comment will appear faster. I just ask that you will be respectful with your comments. The comments are appeciated and make me thankful for the people God has placed in my life.

So go take a look at the new website I will be using and let me know how you like it. Thank you for allowing me to open up and be real here with you on blogspot. It's something I still want to do with you but just at a different place and hopefully something that will be easier for you and me. The updates will start coming more often too. For an update on what is going on with my dad check the new site as I have already done a post there. Thanks for your understanding and I hope and pray that you will continue to join me on this journey that I am taking with God leading the way just at the caringbridge site instead of this one.

The link for all you one more time is below.

With God's love,

September 13, 2009

Perfect Timing

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is truely one of those pictures for me because of the meaning that it has behind it. I don't post this picture to brag about something I did but to show God's grace in one of my weakest moments.

This picture was taken literally about 2 weeks before I found out the news that would forever change my life and send me on an unfamilar journey and amazing journey all at the same time. I actually was handing out stuffed animals at the children's hosiptal for Christmas. It was one of the most amazing things I have been able to do. Literally about 2 weeks after I was able to do this I found out that my dad had cancer. Although, I didn't deserve an award so to speak for going in the hosiptal with my heart's desire being to share God's love with those children it still felt like a slap in the face mostly because of the timing of it all. While I believe we should do things without expecting God to owe us something because after all God doesn't owe us anything I still struggled with God's timing in all of it. And God's timing is something that I still struggle with.

If God's timing was my timing my dad would be healed by now and the treament that he received back home would have worked and we wouldn't have to be going to M.D. Anderson for treatment in the hopes of God using M.D. Anderson to heal my dad. But God's timing is not mine. I don't know exactly what God's timing is. All I know that it is perfect and it's something that I don't understand completely but leaves me in awe of who God is.

I constantly lately find myself just telling God I'm tired and I'm ready for all this to over. Watching my dad in pain, the timing of how everything seems to be falling, and just tired of the emotions that I seem to fight daily. I find myself throughout the day being angry with God mainly because I don't understand why it is taking so long for my dad to be healed of cancer and ready for it all to be over, having to remind myself of God's promises and how He is faithful, having to call on all the other times God has been faithful in my life and that He is still faithful and that I can simply trust God even when I don't understand. I find myself having questions and arriving at no answers simply because God is asking me to trust Him even though I can't always see God's plan in this and trusting that somehow and someway that God is taking these ashes of my life and is turning them into beauty.

So how do I get through the day? I stop asking the questions and I get real with God. Usually the conversation that I start my day with goes something like this. God I pray that You would give me the strength and energy I need to face today. Help me to love people like You do. Through all the unexpected things that come my way today help to realize You are in control and trust You even though I don't understand. Help me to stop asking the questions. Help me to get through the angry moments I have with You throughout the day and comfort me in those moments. Countinue to strengthen, establish, perfect, and settle me like You promised You would do in my suffering.

Maybe in your life right now you are questioning the timing of everything that is happening in your life. I know for me the timing of everything just felt so wrong and like a slap in the face. Maybe that is how the timing of everything feels right now to you. I can't tell you why God choose the timing He did because I don't personally understand His timing of everything that has happened in my life but I can tell you that His timing is perfect even when it doesn't seem and feel like it.

So for me I had to stop asking the "why, what if, and the getting over how life should be" questions and start asking God to help me learn how to trust Him more that day. There are still times throughout the day where I have my angry moments with God and just wishing that life would go back to the way it was before December 2008. Through those moments I feel and know God is saying I understand, it's okay to have moments like this with Me, and I love you anyway and will show You what it means to trust Me anyway.

So whatever picture you have right now may you trust the Person who created and took the photo and the One who choose the timing upon which the picture was taken.

My dad is doing good. His rib is still broken but healing. Pray for his rib as it still hurts him. Thank you all so much for the prayers. They are felt and always felt at the perfect time when we need them desperately.

God's timing is perfect,

September 7, 2009

Hope Giver

Mercy is not the ability to no longer feel the pain and heartache of living in this world. Mercy is knowing that I am being held through the pain by my Father.
~ Angela Thomas
Today, I am a follower of Christ, and when the earth begins to tremble and the mountains of my heart crumble toward the sea, my soul does what it was made to do - it cries out for the One who gives comfort and rest. The pain is still intense. The surprise attacks still take my breath away. But there is a difference now. The difference is now I know the One who made my soul. Because of our dance together, because of His amazing provision and faithfulness to me, He is more than words in a book. He is my Father. He is my Provider. He is Mercy and He is Hope.
~ Angela Thomas

Just wanted to share these quotes. Something for all of us to think about and apply. I hope one of them has encouraged you. May you know that God doesn't always take the pain in our life away but promises to always hold us in and through the pain. Something that I take great comfort in and something I pray that you take and find comfort in.

As for a update on my dad, he is doing good. His platlettes are still low along with his white blood cells. Pray that they both increase. Also, another thing that you all need to be in prayer for is my dad's rib. He broke his rib. For about a week he had been telling my mom and me that his side was hurting. While he told us he did fall he did not tell us that he felt like his rib was broken. Anyway, he did tell my mom about his rib and how it felt like he broke it. So while they were at M.D. Anderson they got the docter to look at his rib and turns out it was and still is broken. While the bottom part of the rib and not the top part of the rib is broken it still hurts him. So pray that his rib will heal and that he will not be in alot of pain. Keep praying for his appetite, energy, strength, rib, and platlettes and white blood cells to increase. Thank you all so much for your prayers. They are being felt and may God always receive all the glory for what He has done and is doing in our lives.

Until next time,

More Beautiful You

There could never be a more beautiful you Don’t buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do So there could never be a more beautiful you
~ Jonny Diaz

Right now this is one of my favorite songs. It's called More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz. I love the beat and the words in the song but more than that I love the message in the song. It talks about people wishing they were beautiful or more beautiful when they already are beautiful and how there could never be a more beautiful you. Why? Because God has already made you beautiful. Too often though that truth that can change your life gets buried underneath the lies the media, music videos, t.v., fashion, and the latest trends tell us.

I find that every thing that we see on t.v. and the media tells us to go buy the latest product so you can be beautiful. Whether that be through the means and hopes of having clearer skin, looking younger, losing weight, having a tan, being toned, or becoming fit. While I find and believe in exercise and staying healthly I believe even more that we need to be comfortable with who and how God has made us. Not to say that we will always look in the mirror and be happy with what we see and not notice our imperfections by the world's standards. I find the world tells us that we have to work to earn beauty and buy the latest products to become beautiful when God says that we ARE ALREADY beautiful and it's something that we DON'T have to work for or earn but something that is simply given to us because of who's image we are made in which is God Himself.

In fact in Song of Songs 4:7 says All beautiful you are my darling there is no flaw in you. While Song of Songs is a book about the love between a husband and wife I believe it is more a book showing God's love for His children. May you come to realize that there is not a more beautiful you out there then what you see in your mirror when you first wake up in the morning. You may need to do some diging to remind yourself of the beatiful person that you already are. I believe with God's help though it can be done because I promise the beautiful you is already inside of us. Sometimes we just need the reminder that there could never be a more beautiful us.

Knowing there could never be a more beautiful me,

September 3, 2009

Quick Update

The doctor came in and said my dad's blood work looked good. His platlettes are still low. Please pray specifically that his platlettes will rise. Also, pray that his white blood cells will be high as well. He should be able to get out of the hospital tomorrow (Friday). Hopefully he will be home Friday night or Saturday, depending on how he feels. Pray for safe travel. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Sorry this blog is short. I will blog more later. Hope you all have a good night.

In Christ alone,

September 1, 2009


My dad is ok. It has been a very long day him. His line placement went ok. They started chemo at 3:45 this afternoon. He is having sweats but hopefully they won't last long. The doctors are all exicted about my dad's reponse to the chemo. Just another miracle God has given our family.

The cancer markers started dropping after the July 4th treatment and they keep going down. Just another thing that we thank and praise God for.

Pray that my dad's platlettes will increase. They are low right now and the chemo makes them even lower.

My dad's appetite is pretty good and his blood sugars are excellent. He has gained three more pounds since his last visit.

My mom met a lady today that has requested prayer for her daughter, Patricia. Patricia is 24 years old (with a 4 year old daughter) and has ovarian cancer. She is now bed-ridden and very weak. The family loves the Lord and the family has ask for our prayers. They also met another young man that they were able to witness to who is searching for answers. Please keep praying for our family as we reach out to people with God's love.

In Christ alone,

August 29, 2009

Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken
Down but not defeated.
Ashes that are being turned into beauty.
Knowing that Jesus shines in my brokeness.
God taking the ordinary in my life and turning it into something extraordinary.
Hurting but still running the race.
Reaching for and waiting to hear the words someday of My good and faithful servant.
Looking forward not behind.
Being set free of the past and how my life should be.
Knowing that I have been made in the image of God.
Being changed from the inside out.
Knowing that true beauty starts on the inside.
I am radiant when my eyes are focused on my God.
Has an Audience of One.
Seeks to have a heart after God.
Knows in God's arms I am safe.
Emersed in tears but filled with hope.

This is actually a page I have written in my journal. Before I share about it I want to first update you on my dad. He is doing good. He actually did some yard work the other day and you can tell he is feeling better. The only that is hurting him is his side that he bruised the other day. So pray for that to heal and quit hurting. Pray for safe travel as we go to M.D. Anderson on Monday. My dad will be in the hosiptal on Monday. I will update you all on when he is having chemo and getting out of the hosiptal.

The Beautifully Broken words written above is something that has been written in my journal for a while now. One day I was thinking about what it meant to be broken but knowing that God brings beauty in it. And these are the words that God gave me. I am broken but I'm thankful that I am not just broken but beautifully broken because of the beauty God is creating in my brokeness and pain. I am down but not defeated because of the hope I have in God. The hope of knowing that every road and journey I'm on God is with me and will carry me through.

Even though I have days where it feels like I'm emersed in tears I will always be filled with hope even in the midst of my tears because I serve and love the ulimate Hope Giver. The God that brings and gives hope in what may seem like a hopeless circumstance.

Beautifully Broken with hope,

August 22, 2009

Who God Is

First I want to start off by saying I'm so sorry I haven't updated you all as often as I have hoped I would. My life has been busy mostly with school, studying, and homework and I have also been doing some volleyball. When I do have free time all I want to do is relax and chill but I will start getting back into blogging. Just it may not always be as often as I would like.

This past week my mom and dad have been home and my dad is doing good. Before he left the hosiptal his white blood cells were low so they had to give him a shot to increase his white blood cells. They will be going back to M.D. Anderson in about a week. Keep praying that tumors will not grow as they have already stopped growing but also now that the tumors will start shrinking. I will let you all know when they head back over there so you all can pray for safe travel.

While this is a website where I blog about my dad and his process so you can all know how to pray for him and our family I want it to be more than just that. I want it to be a place where you can come and find encouragement for whatever is going on in your life. I hope and pray that you don't look at our family and say I can make it through anything because they are going through something really difficult and they are so strong. The truth is we are not strong but weak people who depend on the strength of God to get us through each and every day and most times every moment.I pray that you leave this blog/website having a better knowledge of who God is. Not because you have read words that have been typed by me but because it is God speaking through me.

So with that said I thought maybe I could start having a day where you ask questions they can be serious, funny, or just anything you want to know and then in a blog I will answer your questions. If you have a question you want to ask just leave a comment and I will try to answer whatever question you may have.

Also, just wanted to share something with you. I had to do a paper for my Bible class explaining who I thought God was. So I want to share that with you. It was a paper that got me thinking about what I really believed and hopefully it will leave thinking about what you believe about God.

Who God Is

I believe God is what He says He is in the Bible. God is personal and wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. He doesn't force Himself on us but gently pursues us toward a loving relationship with Him. I believe everybody has a hole in them that only God can fill and no one else. Also, I believe that when we let God fill that hole that we are made complete and whole.

I believe that God sent His only Son named Jesus to die on a cross. God sent His only Son not because we are perfect but because He wanted a relationship with us and wanted us to accept eternal life offered through His only Son named Jesus. God is loving and just. While God is just He is also a God that delights to show mercy. I know that His grace is sufficient for my every need.

I believe that God has wonderful plans for me and He only wants what is best for me. Sometimes I question His plans and I don't understand them. An example of that is my dad having cancer yet at the same time I'm learning to trust anyway because God is making me into the person that He created me to be. God has told us that life is not problem free or pain free but that we all will have problems and experience pain in life but as a line in Natalie Grant's song Held says that the promise was when everything fell we would be held. God hurts when we hurt and longs to wrap His arms around us in those times.

I believe that God loves us just as we are. Nothing we could do could make God love us any more or any less. I believe that God loves us so much that He is willing to let us choose our way instead of His but I believe He is always waiting for our return with His arms open wide. God rejoices when His children come back home.

I believe that God calls us to be real. It's when we are weak, real, and transparent that we really let God shine. I know that life is hard and sometimes very painful. I have experienced it and I'm sure everybody has gone through something painful. It's when we let God shine through our shattered glass situations in life that God starts taking our ashes and tattered fabrics of our life and turns it into beauty and a perfect tapestry.

I believe that God understands exactly what we are going through, experiencing, and feeling. God understands that we question His plans in life. I believe that God doesn't get mad and point His finger at us but gently says it's okay and I understand. Then after God says those short but comforting words I believe He wraps His arms around us and gives us His peace that passes all understanding. The peace that God is in control and will carry us through whatever we are facing.

I believe that God answers prayer in different ways. Sometimes God says yes, other times no, not yet just wait, and probably the most difficult one for me I'm not going to take you out of it but carry you through it.

This is who I believe God is. Not because I grew up in church, read the Bible, or because my parents have taught me this but because I have experienced these things. Experiencing God is the most amazing and precious thing I have ever experienced. It's when I experience God that I get to know who He is, His love for me, and fall more in love with my Creator and Savior. For that I will always be thankful.

Goodnight and until next time,

August 11, 2009

Update and Good News

The Latest:

Edward had the CT scan done yesterday. Today we met with the doctor. Finally, good news. The tumors have stopped growing. Praise the Lord. For the first time since this journey started, we have good news. The cancer markers have dropped significantly. Edward goes into the hospital tomorrow for his third round of treatments. In three weeks, we do this again, then he will have a repeat scan done. It is so apparent that God has gone before us and paved the way. We are so thankful for His steady hand keeping our family strong. We are also thankful for the prayers lifted. We have felt them... Please keep praying.

What a Mighty God We Serve,
Ed, Leigh, and Bridget

August 8, 2009

God's Goodness

Sorry it's been a while since I last have done an update. We have been so busy. As I sit here and type this blog I actually don't have a title for it. I am in awe right now of God's goodness even in the midst of my sorrow. The first picture you see is of Maggie and me. She is like a big sister to me and the way God crossed our paths again is neat and leaves me saying God is good. My mom actually taught Maggie in youth at the church I grew up going to when I was little. Then Maggie moved away and we didn't stay in touch. Long story short the person that would watch me during the summer still went to the church I grew up in and knew that Maggie moved back and was going there. One day I just asked about Maggie and she gave me the most recent number she had for her. Well, we called Maggie later that night and it was her. The neat thing was we got in touch with Maggie right before her wedding. We met up with Maggie before her wedding and as they say the rest is history. It's hard to believe that it has been over 3 years since our paths crossed again. Every time we hang out we have the best time and could laugh the whole time. Anyway, I was able to hang out with her while we were back in town and it was so much fun. Our time together left me in awe of God's goodness.

Then tonight we went and saw Greater Vision. We have been friends with these guys for years. I actually have known them since I was born and my mom and dad has known them longer than I have. We haven't seen them in a couple years so it was so good to actually see their faces tonight. I listen to KLOVE all the time but I love to pull out one of these guys CDs and I could listen to it all day. I have literally grown up listening to their music. Since the time I was born you could always find me in my room listening to Greater Vision. The neat part is that these guys have seen me grow up and has become very dear friends of ours. They have also been a great influence in my life and every time I hear the name or music of Greater Vision I remember being a little girl in church listening to them sing about God's faithfulness and love. Tonight they sang some of my favorite songs and I left there in awe of God's goodness in my sorrow and how blessed I truely am.

So I sit here typing this thankful for the moments God gives us just to let us know that He cares for us. Loves us. Never leaves our side and remains faithful. God doesn't have to give me these moments just because what I am going through but He does it because He cares and shows me there is hope, peace, and joy even in the midst of the valley in our lives.

One of Greater Vision's songs in the chorus it says You'll carry me through Lord like You always do Lord You'll hold me and guide me like good Shepards do this valley is no different then all those valleys that came and went I know You'll be true like You promised You do You'll carry me through. Sometimes we forget that whatever valley we are facing is no different than the other valleys we have faced. Maybe this valley you are facing is the hardest, scariest, most uncertain valley out of all the other valleys you have faced. May I encourage you by telling you God is in that valley with you. He hasn't left your side or turned His back on. God is not pointing His finger at you telling you to have more faith. I believe more than anything that God's arms are wide open for you to go running into. I believe He is saying to you to come My child come My arms are open. Come let Me take away every fear, doubt, and what if you carry and let Me replace it with My love. Come accept My grace that is sufficient for your every need. Let Me give you My peace that passes all understanding and let Me give you My hope that endures in the worst of circumstances. Come to Me My love and let Me wrap My arms around you and love on you.

Maybe you have awesome people in your life that remind you of God's goodness, faithfulness, and love or maybe you don't. Even if you don't have those people in your life that doesn't make God's goodness, faithfulness, and love in your life any less true. May you read the words on this screen and leave this site knowing these words to be true. God sees you. God loves you just as you are. God's arms are open wide. God's grace is sufficient for you.

Since I am so in awe of God's goodness in my life in the midst of my sorrow I will simply call this blog God's goodness.

In another blog I will update you all about my dad. Please understand that I post on here as often as I can. If my posts start coming not as often I will be starting school and so I will be busy with that but I will certainly post as often as I can and hopefully that can be daily.

In awe of God's goodness,

August 3, 2009

Good Quotes & Something to Apply

In the happy moments, PRAISE GOD. In the difficult moments, SEEK GOD. In the quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD. In the painful moments, TRUST GOD. And, in every moment, THANK GOD.
God, if I don't get anything else done today, I want to know You more and love You better.
God is more interested in what I am than what I do.
God is more interested in your character than your comfort. God is more interested in making your life holy than He is in making your life happy. We can be reasonably happy here on earth, but that's not the goal of life. The goal is to grow in character, in Christ-likeness.
~ Rick Warren

I was just looking on the K-LOVE blog and found these quotes on there. They were really good quotes and I wanted to share them with you all. May we apply these to our life and trust God even in the moments that are painful and we don't understand. Even if we are in the middle of something there is something we can always thank God for. Even if that is just thanking God for giving you another day to live life to its fullest for Him. By doing that we can make our lives matter.


August 2, 2009

August Already? Summer Flying By

Just wanted to tell you all the my dad is doing good. So far he hasn't felt really bad. He has been in a little pain but not much. My dad also tries to rest when he can. Also, just wanted to remind you all that my dad's next appointment is August 10th. He will have a CT scan and another round of chemo done then. Thank you for all the prayers. They have been felt and we hope one day we can show kindness the way you have all shown it to us.

Today we were able to go to our home church. I can't tell you how good it felt to be back in that place and to see the precious and sweet church family I have. We walked through those doors and we certainly felt the love for our family and the fact that they were so glad to see us. We have been truely blessed by our church family. Why do I love my church so much? Because they are the hands and feet of Jesus in action. So thank you church family for the warm welcome and the love that was shown for our family today. We love you all.

It's hard to believe we are already into August. Where has this summer gone? It has seemed to fly by. Going into August we know what that means. Summer is almost over and school is about to start. I just want to encourage you to pray for this upcoming school year. For the students, teachers, and administration. I believe that praying for those things is one of the most important things we can do. I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and hopefully you enjoy the last days you have left of summer.

Check this site as I will try my best to keep you all updated.

In Christ alone,

July 31, 2009

Next Appointment

Just wanted to let you all know that my dad's next appointment is August 10th. He will have a CT scan done and chemo as well. I will keep you all updated. Check this site as I will be posting as often as I can.

By the way, my mom's birthday was yesterday (Thursday, the 30th). My mom reads this blog and your comments. So if you want to put a little late happy birthday comment on here to her she would love it. Sorry I didn't post yesterday to where you could actually tell her happy birthday on her actual birthday.

Just want to leave you all with a verse. May you apply this verse to your life today and every day.

Colossians 3:12-14 (The Message):
So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It's your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.

Wearing love so people can see God's love,

July 28, 2009

Painful Purpose

Title: Painful Purpose
Verse 1:
Pain pain go away
Come again another day
I can't wish the pain away
It's here to stay

Chorus 1:
God You ease the pain
You give me Your grace
To face another day
You're carrying me through the pain

Verse 2:
Where does life have you?
Would you rather be somewhere else?
Just know

Chorus 2:
God will ease your pain
He will give you His grace
To face another day
He will carry you through the pain

There's purpose in our pain
Because that's when God really shines
We know that

Chorus 3:
God will ease our pain
He will give us His grace
To face another day
He will carry us through the pain

Just something that I have written in my journal. The best way to describe it is God's voice speaking through mine. Also, I am posting another blog with another page from my journal and will update you about my dad in that blog. I hope these words have encouraged you. Life brings pain and sometimes God takes it away just as fast as it came and other times God says I'm not going to take the pain away but I am going to carry you through it. That is what God has told to our family. The pain is here and right now it's here to stay but I'm thankful that God promises to carry me through it and it's the same thing He will do for you. I actually wrote this page in my journal during this cancer journey I'm on with my dad. God is doing an amazing work in my heart as He is showing me that He truely is a Savior that never leaves my side even when I feel like He is nowhere to be found. May you know that God is there for you in your painful purpose that He has for your life.

Thankful for the purpose God has in my pain,

July 25, 2009

Out of Hospital

When people ask us how in the world we can keep our balance during such stormy times, we don't boast. We don't brag. We point unabashedly to the One who makes it possible. Our eyes are on Jesus.
~ Max Lucado

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad got of the hospital today (Saturday). Pray that he will not have any reactions to the chemo. He is doing good just tired. Pray for his energy, appetite, no reactions, and his spirits to stay up. Thank you all for your support, love, and prayers for our family.

May when people ask you how you are able to face another day may you point to the One who gives you another day. We may not know what tomorrow holds but we know Who holds tomorrow and that is more than enough. That is not to say that I wake up every morning excited to face another day but I turn my day over to God and say You are going to have to help me get through another day. Even though I don't understand and have many questions with no answers I trust You anyway. Help to let go of how it should be. Help me to make my life matter today. Help me to love people like You do. I love You. And I start another day and make it through by God's grace. I have good and bad days. In every good and bad day I'm quick to call on the help, grace, and strength of my Savior so that I will live my life to make it matter that day and not think too far ahead but to focus just on today because for right now that is what God has given me.

It's crazy to think that school for me will be starting soon. It brings me back to last year when I started. It's hard to think back last year before December because that is how it should be right now: my dad without cancer and it's not. This journey for me has truly been a process and slowly but surely I'm learning God is a God that is working this for my good. How? Most days I can't see it but I'm trusting that He is and God wants only what is best for me. The holidays are hard thinking back to last year and soon in December the year anniversary will be coming up. Yet I make it through the holidays and another day because I am looking and pointing to the One that makes it possible.

Each day becomes possible because of Who holds that day,

July 22, 2009

Servant of All

Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness.
~ Mother Teresa

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad's prodecure went well today. I told you wrong in the other blog about the chemo. The chemo will be for 48 hours. Then he will get another type of chemo for 60 minutes. He was in a lot of pain today. They were able to bring the pain level down which was a blessing for my dad. Pray that he will have no reactions to this chemo, his appetite, pain level, energy, and his spirits. Thank you for the prayers and love that have been shown to our family. Check here daily as I will try my best to post on here to keep you all posted.

Whatever your weaknesses are which we all have them may you show them and believe much more in God's love for you than your weakness. Also, may you show your weakness and not try to hide them. When we are weak that is when God is strong. Delight in your weakness because it's when we are weak that we really allow God to become our strength. Give every part of yourselve to God because that is how we can truely live our lives to make them matter.

Thank you all for showing our family what it truely means to love our neighbors as ourselves. May we look to others needs and not just our own.

May we show kindness the way Philippians 2: 1-4 The Message says:
If you've gotten anything at all out of following Christ, if His love has made any difference in your life, if being in a community of the Spirit means anything to you, if you have a heart, if you care - then do Me a favor: Agree with each other, love each other, be deep-spirited friends. Don't push your way to the front; don't sweet-talk your way to the top. Put yourselve aside, and help others get ahead. Don't be obessed with getting your own advantage. Forget about yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.

Could it be that be that God calls us to serve because He knows the joy that comes from being the Servant of all? I think so. Something for us to consider and apply to our lives.

Until next time,

July 21, 2009

Suffering Job

For any person who has tried to see God through shattered glass He speaks.
For those of us who have dared to say "If God is God . . . ," He speaks.
He speaks out of the storm and into the storm, for that is where Job is. That is where God is best heard.
All his life, Job had been a good man. All his life, he had believed in God. All his life, he had discussed God, had notions about Him, and prayed to Him.
But in the storm, Job sees Him.
He sees Hope. Lover. Destroyer. Giver. Taker. Deamer. Deliverer.
Job sees God - and that is enough.
For God gave Job more than Job ever dreamed. God gave Job Himself.
~ Max Lucado

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad will have 24 hours of chemo instead of the 48 hours of chemo tomorrow (Wednesday). Also, when he gets off the 24 hour chemo he will have another type of chemo for 60 minutes instead of 90 minutes. My dad has gained 4 pounds which is awesome. He will get taken to the back to prepare to have the line inserted into the liver at 9:00. Pray that the line getting inserted into the liver goes well and the line goes where it is supposed to go. Also, pray for his appetite, energy, and his spirits to stay up. I will let you all know how he is doing and when he gets out of the hosiptal. Thank you all for the prayers and please countinue them.

The quotes above are from a book I read called In the Eye of the Storm by Max Lucado. It's a good book if you are looking for one to read. In one of the chapters Max talked about Job. If you read the book of Job you will see that Job had a lot of suffering he went through. Job lost all his children, cattle, property, health, and pretty much everything that belonged to him. Even through it all Job instead of turning his back on God choose the unshakable faith that God offered him. Job knew that he served the God who gives and takes away and choose to say blessed be the name of the Lord. Job understand that he could have everything taken away from him but one thing and the most important thing to Job couldn't be taken away. The love of God and his realationship with his Creator. Job had his moments where he didn't understand and questioned God's plans. Job knew what it was like to have ye of little faith moments yet even in those moments Job still choose to trust that God truely had plans to give him a hope and a future even if Job couldn't see it. One thing is for certian Job choose even through the storm in his life to see God and embace the God who has nailed scared hands and understands the very defintion of suffering and pain.

Maybe in your life right now you have a shattered glass situation. It's my prayer that you will let God shine His light and love through the cracks. God understands that you will have your moments of ye of little faith. Even in those moments God doesn't point His finger at you saying you should have more faith but says it's okay and I'm here to comfort and love on you. Let Job be our example. The example of a person who lived a good life and loved God but still had suffering in his life but choose to realize that he had God who promised to never leave him or forsake him and for Job and for us it is more than enough. Through all the suffering Job went through he got more than he ever dreamed. Job expericed God in a whole new way and that is my prayer for you. That whatever you are going through that you would embace God and experince God in a very real and personal way. God is already embacing us in our suffering. The only question to ask ourselves is will we embace the God that never leaves our side?

Embacing God on the journey called life,

Appointments and Check-In Tomorrow (Tuesday)

We are all pencils in the hand of God.
I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.
~ Mother Theresa

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad has blood test and docter's appointment tomorrow (Tuesday). Also, tomorrow (Tuesday) night he will get admitted into the hosiptal. Then on Wednesday he will get the line inserted into his liver and have chemo for 48 hours. After he gets off the 48 hour chemo he will get another type of chemo for 90 minutes. Pray the line getting inserted into the liver goes well. Also, pray that he will have no reactions to the chemo, for his appetite, energy, and his spirits. Thank you all for your love, support, and prayes you have given our family.

The two quotes above are something I want to blog about at length. My first question for you to think about is what kind of pencils are you in the hand of God? Are you willing pencils? Are you pencils where He decides the colors and drawings that go in your picture? Does God have hold of your pencil or are you holding on to it tightly refusing to let go? Are you a dull pencil or a sharp pencil? We are pencils and we need to let God do the writing. Sometimes though we think our handwriting is cutter or prettier than the handwriting of God. We think we can draw more creative pictures than He can. We choose better colors than He does and we decide it's okay if we become the luke worm dull pencils.

Willing pencils isn't something that comes that easily for us. We may be willing to give some of our time, help other people that need help, or even go on a mission trip. But Lord knows we become less than willing in certain circumstances. Maybe for you the circumstances include moving somewhere else, having a child that is into drugs/alcohol, sickness in your family, finiancial situations, getting told that today is your last day at work, facing a death in your life, your dream not coming true, shame and guilt leaving you feeling worthless, having someone overseas serving our country, and many more. There are many circumstances in life that can leave us less than willing. I'm learning though that God wants to use our lives/pencils to write His love in every circumstance.

The colors that God chooses. God can choose a color and we think we have a better color. Right now in your life God may have given you a dark color in your picture/painting and you long for a brighter color. The dark color in your life can come in many different hard circumstances. I know though that even though you may have been given a dark color in your life right now that God wants to to be the light and bright color in the dark color that is in your life. We can go through the dark colors in our life knowing that God has a bright color waiting for us as He takes our ashes and turns them into beauty. While He takes the ashes and turns them into beauty through our lives and being the willing pencils in His hand God is writing His love letter to the world.

Willing pencil in the hands of a loving God,

July 18, 2009

Heading back to M.D. Anderson

Just wanted to let all of you know that we are heading back to M.D. Anderson tomorrow (Sunday). Pray for safe travel. I will let all of you know when we get there.

My dad's chemo is on Tuesday the 21st. Pray that the line getting inserted into the liver goes well. He will have chemo for 48 hours. Then another type of chemo for 90 minutes. Pray for no reactions to this chemo. Also, pray for his energy, strength, appetite, and spirits.

Thank you all for the support and love you have given our family. Despite what we are going through as individuals and a family I'm so glad to say that I'm truely blessed and so thankful to the God that gives and takes away.

Serving the God who gives and takes away and saying blessed be the name of the Lord,

July 16, 2009

A Perfect Tapestry

I know God is using this awful experience to do something beautiful.
We beat cancer moment by moment as we allow God, not cancer, to control our thoughts. We beat it hour by hour as we remember that God's power within us is greater than the cancer. And we beat it day by day as we trust in God's strength and not in cancer's weakness.
God knows if you are in the desert and He knows how to give you streams in the midst of it.
~ Lynn Eib

Just wanted all of you to know that God has given us a stream in the desert. The biggest stream is being able to be home for this weekend. We actually got home today. We will be heading back to M.D. Anderson on Sunday. So pray on Sunday that we will have safe travel. My dad is not hanging around crowds or people who are sick. He cannot afford to get sick. Also, he is resting too.

May you look and expect God to bring streams in whatever desert you are facing. This is one of the many streams He has given us. We are seeing how God really does His best work in brokenness and how He is turning the ashes into beauty. The process of the "something beautiful" being created is certainly not easy and pain free but I know that is going to be so worth it in the end. Why? Because through each thing God is drawing us closer to Him and showing us how deep, long, and wide His love truely is. I know that God is painting a beautiful picture of His amazing grace through this. The grace that is sufficient for my every moment and need. I will always be thankful and quick to thank the Artist that is doing the work by taking the tattered fabric of my life and turning it into a perfect tapestry. The perfect tapestry that can only be created by my loving God who turns ashes into beauty.

Thankful to the Artist who is painting His grace,

July 14, 2009

Passing through the Waters with God by my Side

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, i will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.
~ Isaiah 43:1-2 (NIV)

Just wanted all you to know that my dad's next chemo is Tuesday the 21st. He will have the same prodecure done as the last time. They will go in and insert the line into his liver. After the line is inserted into the liver he will have chemo for 48 hours. When he finishes the 48 hour chemo he will have a different type of chemo for 90 minutes. After this chemo they will do another scan to see if this directed chemo to the liver is working.

Just want all of you to know that we miss home so much. Especially the people back home. It's hard journey that my dad and our family is on but we know that God is, has, and will hold us through this journey.

The verse at the top of the page is a verse that has always been one of my favorites and one that has brought a lot of comfort to me during this time of my life. This verse talks about how God will be with us in the hard times of life. So often and much to my frustation it's a fact that causes a lot confusion amoung people. We like to wrap up Christianity in a box and put a nice bow on top and tell people to become a Christian and your life will be perfect and problem free. We put on smiles to cover up the pain we hold inside. We let people know us to a certain point. We try to look together so people will think that we have it all together even though we really don't have it all together. We try to show people that we are spiritual and strong by showing people we can get through anything instead of showing people we are weak and need the strength of God to get through the day. We would much rather put on our smiles and happy face mask than become real and transparent. Why? Because being real and transparent is risky and not always the safest thing. By being real and transparent we show people we are not as strong as people thought we were. We show people that we are not perfect and can't hold it all together. Here's what I'm learning though and God is showing me there is no such thing as perfect people and there is no such thing as a perfect life. So often we think we have to come to God with all the answers, all together, and our mess all cleaned up. I'm learning though that God says that we can come to Him just as we are because that is how He likes, loves, and accepts us. I encourage you to get real with God because He sees who you really are and our Creater says wonderful beautiful is my creation. This verse doesn't say if but when as in things are going to happen in life that aren't the easiest thing. That hard times are a part of life and we will experience some of type of pain if we are breathing but this verse as many verses throughout God's word assure us that in those times He will be with us and we have a Savior that promises never to leave or forsake us. I hope and pray that this brings you some encouragment. To know whatever you are going through you don't have to go through it alone because God promises to be with you every step of the way.

Being real and transparent,

July 11, 2009

Painful Circumstances

The faith that gets us through unthinkable circumstances begins with being flat-out needy and allowing God's love to wrap us up, hold us close, and dry our tears.
We don't need a meter to tell us which pain hurts the most. All of our heartaches produce great sadness, and telling our stories to each other brings a release, comfort, and the knowledge that somebody cares.
~ Carol Kent

I wanted to update you all about the doctor’s appointment on Thursday. Everything went really good and the doctor said my dad looked good. His platelets were really good. Everything looked good. My dad has said that his back is not hurting him as bad which is a really good sign. Continue to pray for my dad's pain because he still in pain just not as much, his appetite, and that he would keep his spirits high. We are waiting to see when our next appointment is and when he will have chemo again. When we find all that out I will let you all know.

I included some quotes from a book I have already finished. The book is called When I Lay my Isaac Down by Carol Kent. It was a really good book. So if you are looking for a book to read I would suggest this one.

Our family last year in December was handed an unthinkable circumstance but because of God's love that wraps us, holds us, and dries our tears we survive another day. There have been many tears that have been cried over these months. More than I probably have ever cried but each tear I feel falling down my face I feel God saying cry my child cry my Son has even wept and while I am crying I feel myself in the safe arms of God. I never really considered the verse Jesus wept as a very dear verse to me but now it is one that I cherish. Not only because it shows us that Jesus was human but because Jesus knew the pain in life that not only causes you to cry but weep. I know that my tears and our tears as a family are not being wasted because of the promise that though our mourning may last for the night God gives us His joy in the morning and new mercies for us to receive.

I will never say that my pain level is higher than yours. Pain is pain in whatever circumstance it comes in. If we are breathing we will experience pain in this world. Not because we are being punished for something we did but because that is just life. I take great comfort knowing though that God has already promised even though we will experience pain in this life that He has already overcome the world. In other words God has already overcome your circumstance and situation. How do I know this? Because we serve a God that can move mountains no matter how big or small or what it is God can remove it.

I am finding when we share our painful experiences without saying and putting a measure stick to pain that it is comforting and freeing. Comforting to know that I'm not the only one going through painful things and freeing to be real and transparent. All the while showing people in the process that the Christian life is not the easy life or problem/pain free life but it's the abundant and joy filled life. In fact it's THE life. There is no other life like it because this is the life God created us for. Abundant and joy filled life even through the morning and pain we experience.

I have the knowledge that somebody cares for me in this painful journey in life. Not just the people in my life but the One who knows the definition of the word pain. He has the nailed scared hands to prove it and it's the very same hands I am being held by.

In the nailed scared hands,

July 8, 2009

Blood Test and Appointment Tomorrow (Thursday)

Our broken lives are not lost or useless. God's love is still working, He comes in and takes the calamity and uses it victoriously, working out His wonderful plan of love.
~ Eric Liddell
To live by grace means to acknowledge my whole life story, the light side and the dark. In admitting my shadow side I learn who I am and what God's grace means.
~ Brennan Manning
Heartache forces us to embrace God out of desperate, urgent need. God is never closer than when your heart is aching.
~ Joni Earkeckson Tada

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad has blood test at 1:30 and appointment at 3:00 tomorrow (Thursday). I will update you after the appointment to let you know how it went.

Whatever you are going through may you know that God's grace is sufficient for you. It's enough and God is all we need to get through the shadows of life. As a line in a song called How He Loves by Kim Walker says if grace is an ocean we are all sinking. God grace is more than enough for whatever we are going through.

Sinking in God's grace,

July 6, 2009

Joy in the Sorrow

Will we live our lives with passion and purpose even if, in this lifetime, we are not permitted to have an answer to why something has happed?Will we choose unshakable faith or we will give up on God in difficult circumstances?As much as I don't like the process, I am learning that the cup of sorrow can also be the cup of joy.
~ Carol Kent

I just wanted to do an update for all of you. My dad is doing well. His appetite is great. He hasn't run any fever yet. I would say to me he has looked better than he has in the past couple of months. Continue to pray for no fever, appetite, and no pain.

The questions and statement above are from a book I'm currently reading. I love the statement that says as much as I don't like the process, I am learning that the cup of sorrow can also be the cup of joy. I will be perfectly honest with you and tell you not only do I not like the process I hate it and would do anything to change it. I don't wish cancer on anybody or someone to have to go through it with a loved one. As many times that I have been down, broken, tired, and ready to just quit God gives me another reason to keep going and more importantly the grace and strength to keep going.

I don't like it one bit but I have to remind myself that God promises to never leave me nor forsake me and He truly is a Friend like no other. I will never pretend to have the answer or the why our family was chosen to walk this path. It doesn't make sense and it may never make sense but God is drawing us as a family and individuals closer to Him daily.

At times the wave of emotions come and through all the emotions good and bad I have my sweet and gentle Savior calling me back to Truth. The truth that even though I don't understand or at times can't see the purpose of this that He works ALL things including my situation together for good. The truth that I don't have to hold it all together in fact I can't hold it all together but I can come to the God who holds the world together in His hands. The truth my God alone is enough for me. The truth when I feel like I have just been kicked in the gut God will me the grace to catch my breath again.

So yes this journey of my life is very hard and something that I wish God would just simply take away because I know He can but clinging to the fact that even the morning may last for the night joy comes in the morning. Even though at times I can't always see God healing my dad I know that He is. I'm thankful to say though right now I can physically these past couple of days see God healing my dad. I know though I may not always see it but have to trust that God knows what He is doing and it will happen in His time and His time alone. Our hearts can feel broken at times but we know God will and is healing and binding up every wound on them.

May you choose the unshakable faith instead of giving up on God in the hard and easy times. In the hard times I understand how easily and tempting it can be to turn our backs on God but that cost us so much when we do that. In the easy times it's easy to think we don't need God's strength and grace to get through that day. During the easy times it's easy to let pride start sneaking its way into our life. I once heard that pride makes you fall but shame and guilt keep you from getting up. May you never let pride cause your fall and may you always realize God is saying to you to get back up and that He will give you the strength and grace to do it. Even though you may give up or have given up on Him God promises that He hasn't and will never give up on you. God doesn't force Himself on us but gently and quietly calls to us with His love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness that He wants you to take a hold of. I am not telling you that you will have all the answers in this life and that your life will be problem free when we choose the unshakable faith God has for us but it's an abundant and joy filled life even through the trails and storms that come your way on this journey called life.

It's almost 1:30 in the morning so I better go to bed. I'm going to bed thankful for the joy my Savior gives me when I wake up and the new mercies I receive.

In the season of sorrow and joy,

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July and Out of Hospital

Let love and faithfulness never leave you. Bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet on your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
~ Proverbs 3:3-6

My dad got of the hospital today around 3:00. He is doing good. When my aunt and I went to the hospital to pick up my mom and dad I asked my dad how he was feeling. He said he felt he just been run over by a truck. Basically he says he is really tired and feels like he has no energy. He has been in hotel resting since he got out. Countine to pray that he doesn't have any reactions these 3 weeks while we are here. Also, that his stength and energy will come back. Pray for his appetite as well.

Our next docter's appointment is this Thursday. After the appointment I will update you on what the docter says. Countine to check this site for updates. I will post as often as I can.

I want to say a quick thank you to Mrs. Julia and Mr. Marvin for stopping by. It was good to see you. Thank you also for your sweet prayer that you prayed with our family before yall left.

Hope you all have had a good 4th of July. I am thankful for the troops that serve our country.

The verse above is one of my favorite verses and the verse I live by life by. It's easy to lean on our understanding but God calls us to seek and consult Him with descions that need to be made in our life. Whether it's big or small God wants to be involved in every aspect of our life. Not because He is trying to force Himself on you but because He cares. Plus God never forces Himself on us. God gives us the opotion to choose to let Him in or shut Him out. It's my prayer that you would let God in every part of your life despite what it is. It's when we seek God with all of our heart that we find Him. God promises that we always find Him when we seek. Seek Him in all areas of your life and when do that like the verse above says God and God alone will make our paths straight.

Thank you all for the prayers, love, and support you have shown are family. We are truely blessed and may God bless each and every one of you.

Trusting in God alone,

July 3, 2009

Confident Hope

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.~ Romans 12:12, NLT

Today my dad has had a good day. He got off the 48 hours chemo at 4:30 today. He also is having the line in his liver removed today and he will have to keep his right leg still for 6 hours. Then he will get the other type of chemo tonight for 90 minutes. Tomorrow (Saturday) considering he does not have any reactions he will get out of the hosiptal. He will be able to come back to the hotel and rest. We will be here for 3 weeks to make sure he doesn't have any reactions to the chemos he has had.

As the verse above says keep on praying for my dad and our family. Countine to check this website for updates daily. Thank you all for the support and love you have shown our family. So many of you have emailed, called, sent cards, and even given out of your own pockets. We have been truely blessed by each one of you who has helped in one way or another. May God bless each and every single one of your efforts.

Trusting in my confident Hope,

July 2, 2009

Broken Willing Vessel

My dad is doing wonderful. He started his 2nd bag of chemo at 4:30 today. Tomorrow (Friday) he will get off the chemo he is currently on at 4:30. Then he will get another type of chemo for 90 minutes. After that he will get the line taken out of his liver. Then he will have to lie still for 6 hours. My dad should get out of the hospital on Saturday considering that he does not have any reactions to the chemo. After, he is out of the hosiptal we will be here for 3 weeks.

Countine to pray that the chemo does its job. My dad has had a really good appetite. Pray that he will countine not to have any reactions. The only thing so far that he has had is sweating from the chemo. Other than that he has been doing really good on the chemo. Countine to also pray for George that I mentioned in the last blog.

We had a couple of visits today and it was really nice. My dad enjoyed seeing them. Thank you Mr. David for coming out to see my dad and praying with us. Also, our pastor and his wife showed up to see my dad. Thank you Bro. Tommy and Mrs. Karen for stopping by. Sorry I wasn't there to see you. I know my dad and mom were thankful to see you and enjoyed visiting. Thank you for praying for my dad too.

I will blog later about something that has been on my heart.

I don't know about you but I have moments where I think about how much God has blessed me in my life. I have wonderful parents, a great family, friends that keep me smiling, and a wonderful church full of amazing people. Despite what our family has been given I still have to remind myself that I am blessed beyond measure. To remember God has given me a lot more wonderful things than bad things in my eyes. Despite where life has you may you look to Giver of all things and see what He has blessed you with and realizing that we serve a God who brings beauty from ashes when we are a willing vessel even if it is a broken willing vessel.

Thankful for the beauty God brings in our brokeness,

July 1, 2009


Just want all of you to know that my dad's prodecure today went well. I was with him before he went back and he was very peaceful knowing that he was and countines to be in God's hands. He started chemo at 4:30 today. He will have chemo for 48 hours. Countine to pray that the chemo destroys the bad cells and leaves the good ones alone. Also, that he will not have any reactions to the chemo.

Also, we met someone that worked there today by the name of George. I am just going to ask you to include him in your prayers. My mom asked him today if there was anything that he wanted us to pray about for him. He started telling us some of his life story. He has had it rough. He asked us and I am asking you to pray for wisdom for George. We would appeciate that but importantly George would be thankful to you for lifting his name up in prayer.

There is something that has been on my heart that I want to blog about at length and I will do that when I have more time. Maybe later tonight and maybe tomorrow.

Thank you all again for your prayers and countine praying. Your love and support for our family has been humbling and deeply appeciated.

May you count the blessings in your life and then thank the Giver of all things.

Thanking the Giver of all things,

June 30, 2009

Time for Surgery

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad's surgery for tomorrow (Wednesday) is at 11:30. Again, I am going to ask if at that time you can say a prayer for my dad and our family. Pray that God guides and directs the docters and nurses hands. Pray the surgery goes well and that my dad will not have much pain. They will also give him his chemo and the chemo will last for 90 minutes. Pray that the chemo will kill the bad cells and leave the good ones alone. Also, for his energy, strength, and appetite.

Thank you all again for your prayers, support, and love. May God bless each and every single one of you.

In Christ alone,

June 29, 2009

Blood Test & Check In

Tomorrow (Tuesday) my dad will have blood tests to make sure his blood is thick enough for the prodecure on Wednesday. Also, tomorrow (Tuesday) night my dad will get checked in to the hosiptal. Pray that his blood is thick enough and that the prodecure will go well on Wednesday. This prodecure is dangerous but we trust and know that God is going into that operating room with my dad and the docters. They have done this prodecure a lot and it has gone well but it is still has danger involved in it. Pray that God will guide those docters and nurses hands. Also, pray that my dad will not have any reactions to this chemo and the chemo will kill the bad cells and leave the good ones alone. Pray that he will have an appetite and that he will have energy.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and love that you have shown our family. You all have been a blessing and it is all truely humbling. For it's when we humble ourselves before the Lord that He is able to lift us up.

May you see through our story and lives that God does His best work in brokeness. Because during the brokeness is when Jesus really shines if we let Him. Through it all in this life may people see the beautiful picture God is painting and may we always be thankful for the Artist that did the work.

In Christ alone,

June 27, 2009

The Plan

Cirumstances may appear to wreck our lives and God's plans, but God is not helpless among the runis.
We can hug our hurts and make a shrine out of our sorrows or we can offer them to God as a sacrifice of praise. The choice is ours.

Just wanted to tell you all that my dad will have a prodecure done on Wednesday. They will put a line into his liver. They decided that they are going to do direct chemo to the liver. His blood was too thin so they give him vitiam K and took him off of his blood thinner. If his blood is thick enough then they will do the surgery on Wednesday. He will be in the hosiptal for 2-3 days. Then once he is off of the chemo they want us to stay here for 3 weeks to make sure he is not going to have any type of reaction to it. If he doesn't have any complications with the chemo then we will be able to come home after 3 weeks. They will repeat the process of chemo a secound time. After, six weeks they will do another scan.

Pray that everything goes well on Wednesday and that they will be no complications with his blood not being thick enough and that the chemo will cause no problems.

Thanks again for everything you do for our family.

June 25, 2009

Back at M.D. Anderson

We are back here for M.D. Anderson. Our next appointment is tomorrow at 3:00. We will find out what the plan is then. I'll update about that tomorrow. Countine to check here to find out the lastest.

Thank you all so much for the prayers and the love you have shown our family. May God bless each and every one of your efforts.

Wherever life has you may you find comfort in the following verse. Zephaniah 31:7 which says The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. May you take comfort knowing no matter what you are going through God is with and He will quiet your fears, doubts, and what ifs with His amazing love for you.

Thankful for God's love,

June 23, 2009

A Friend like no Other

I accept you as you are
I believe you are valuable
I care when you hurt
I desire only what is best for you
I erase all offenses

Words I believe reveal the heart of God for us. I was reading through a little booklet I brought for a friend and I came across these words. Words that were written down for a friend but words that I could feel God speaking to me. Words that brought comfort and showed me once again that Jesus truely is a friend like no other.

I love the fact that God accepts us as we are. We are broken, weak, sinful, imperfect, doubtful, and questional human beings and yet God says thats okay because He has made us this way. Made us this way to realize how deep and wide and long God's love is for us.

In God's eyes we are valuable. Not because of the job that we have that has made us sucessful in the world's eyes. Not because we are in perfect shape pysically or even because we have nice clothes and wear the lastest trends but because He has made us valuable by creating us in His image.

Caring for us when we are hurting. That's the kind of God we serve. We often at times we can wonder does God really care that I'm hurting or having a hard time? You bet He cares more than we could try to imagine. God is there to pick us, bring us into His safe embrace, and reassure us over and over again that He cares.

Desiring only what is best for us. Something that can be hard to see when life makes us feeling like we have been kicked in the gut. Here's the wonderful thing though that God does in those times He gives us the grace we need to catch our breath again. While at the same time repeating His promise that will always remain true. The promise that God has plans to give us a hope and a future and all things He will work together for good. If I can remind myself of that and believe it then I think I can lay my head down knowing that God wants what is best for me.

God erasing all our offenses. I'm so thankful for this. Jesus bore it all for us on the cross because He did not want us to have to carry the weight of this world on our shoulders. Instead to lay everything down at His feet and on Him. God is strong enough to carry that load that wears us down. Maybe you read this thinking to yourselve thats great everything that I did and said and everything I will do and say was nailed on the cross that day but my past is too ugly, too shamful, and leaves my full of guilt and shame. Let me first say the God of the universe knows what shame and guilt feels like. Then let me tell who the Son has set free is free indeed and all things God makes new in Him. Not just some things, a few things, or things that aren't as bad but every single detail of your past is made new in Him. God has buried and covered your past so you may rise in the freedom of God.

May you come to know the heart of God for you through these words. Go rest in the love God has for you beloved. God accepts, believes in, cares for, desires, and forgives you. The best part God wants and likes us just as we are. May you come to find that He truely is a friend like no other.

Thankful for my faithful friend,

June 20, 2009

Just a Quick Update

Just wanted to do a quick update for you. We are doing good and still waiting for results. When we find out on Friday the 26th I'll let you know what the plan is. Pray for my dad. He today has been feeling like he has a kindey stone. Pray that it is not one.

Also, just wanted to share a quick verse with. I got from KLove's Encouraging Word and the verse says He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. ~ Psalm 91:4, NLT May you know wherever life has you that God will protect you under His wings. Also, that God promises are true and He will keep His Word. You will never walk this life alone. God will always be there to comfort you and calm whatever fears you may have. May you take comfort knowing that God is with you. Also, try to go to church this weekend.

Thankful for the best protector I could ever have,

June 19, 2009

Waiting for Results

We are just waiting for results. My dad's next appointment is next Friday on June 26. We should find out the results and what direction they are going to take then. Hope you all are having a restful weekend.

Just wanted to share a verse with you for whatever journey God has you on. It's 1 Corinthians 13:13 from the Message which says Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. May you trust God in whatever you are going through, know that God gives you hope that endures in the worst of circumstances, and share God's love with every person that crosses your path.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and love you have given to our family. May you be blessed by God for everything you have given our family.

Trusting God, hoping unswervingly, and loving extravagantly.

June 16, 2009

Preparing for Scan

My dad is in the back getting ready to have his scan. He will be having it in 4 minutes at 7:40. Will please say a prayer it doesn't have to be long for my dad and our family. Countine to check here I will countine updating.

Overall my dad has not be in a lot of pain today. He has had some but it's not as bad as it has been in the past. Please countine to keep my dad and our family in your prayers.

We love you and are thankful for your kindness and prayers.

God bless each and every one of you,

June 15, 2009

Day One at M.D. Anderson

Well, today was our first day at M.D. Anderson. It was good. We were there from 11:30 to 5:30. They did blood work today. Tomorrow they will be doing scans. He will have the first one at 7:40 in the evening. If I could ask you a favor, would you please consider stopping at that time and just lift up my dad and our family. Today my dad was able to get stronger pain medication. Last night he was in a lot of pain. Other than that it has been good.

Countinue to keep us in your prayers. We like the docters. Everybody over at M.D. Anderson are really nice. Keep checking here as I will be trying to update you daily. My dad has already shared the gospel with someone. Even though he is in pain he still wants to minster. Aferall, life is about praising the God who gives us life in the first place. May your life and the way you live it be your worship to God and may other people be able to see the God you serve through the way you live your life.

Thank you for your love and prayers for our family. We can't say thank you enough.

June 14, 2009

We are Here

We are here. Tomorrow we have our appointment with M.D. Anderson. Thank you all who prayed for us. Please countine. Check here as I will try to update daily.

Right now we are in our hotel room resting. Hope you are enjoying your weekend whether you are home or not. May we count our blessings and then thank the Giver of all things.

God bless you,

June 13, 2009

Dinner with Friends & Last Weekend

So this was our last weekend home. We had a great weekend mixed with sadness. On Thursday night we had dinner and prayer time with my best friend Mallory. Mallory is one of those friends that I have been friends with forever. She is always there for me and someone I know has our family in her prayers. We are both the only child in our famlies so we are like sisters. Her parents and my parents are best friends and her parents treat me like I am their own daughter. I love our friendship and it something I cherish deeply. This is one person that I will miss so much while we are gone but I take the comfort knowing that she is just a phone call away.
Then tonight we had dinner and prayer time with my best friend Alissa's family. I went to church with her but we didn't become really close till this year. This year she started coming to school where I go and she is someone that I took under my wing so to speak and helped finding stuff around the school and in the process through helping her on the first day and eating lunch together we have become really close friends. She has two younger sisters and so it is a fun time when I go over to her house. She is the friend that I know is always praying for me and our family. Alissa is the friend that always gives you a listening ear and there for you no matter what. I know that she would always stand up for me and has my back. Also, her parents are best friends with my parents. Her parents treat me as if I am their own daughter. Her friendship is precious and something that I am so thankful for. I will miss this family and her so much.
So this weekend has been a great weekend and a sad weekend for us. We don't won't to leave but we know that God has gone before us and opened the doors. It's just that two weeks is a long time but we know that God will carry us through it. Hopefully we will have the chance to minster to the other families and patients at the hosiptal. We will be leaving tomorrow after church. Pray that we will have safe travel and share the hope and joy we have in our Savior. Also, pray that the docters would have wisdom. They are doing tests the first two weeks so pray that the tests go well. Even though the mourning may last for the night we know that God gives us His joy in the morning and His new mercies. Whatever you are going through know that God's grace is suffient for you and He will give you the strength to get through whatever journey you are on.
We love each and every one of you and we will miss you. Countinue to check here as I will try to update here daily.
Enjoying sleeping tonight in my own bed for a while,