July 21, 2009

Appointments and Check-In Tomorrow (Tuesday)

We are all pencils in the hand of God.
I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.
~ Mother Theresa

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad has blood test and docter's appointment tomorrow (Tuesday). Also, tomorrow (Tuesday) night he will get admitted into the hosiptal. Then on Wednesday he will get the line inserted into his liver and have chemo for 48 hours. After he gets off the 48 hour chemo he will get another type of chemo for 90 minutes. Pray the line getting inserted into the liver goes well. Also, pray that he will have no reactions to the chemo, for his appetite, energy, and his spirits. Thank you all for your love, support, and prayes you have given our family.

The two quotes above are something I want to blog about at length. My first question for you to think about is what kind of pencils are you in the hand of God? Are you willing pencils? Are you pencils where He decides the colors and drawings that go in your picture? Does God have hold of your pencil or are you holding on to it tightly refusing to let go? Are you a dull pencil or a sharp pencil? We are pencils and we need to let God do the writing. Sometimes though we think our handwriting is cutter or prettier than the handwriting of God. We think we can draw more creative pictures than He can. We choose better colors than He does and we decide it's okay if we become the luke worm dull pencils.

Willing pencils isn't something that comes that easily for us. We may be willing to give some of our time, help other people that need help, or even go on a mission trip. But Lord knows we become less than willing in certain circumstances. Maybe for you the circumstances include moving somewhere else, having a child that is into drugs/alcohol, sickness in your family, finiancial situations, getting told that today is your last day at work, facing a death in your life, your dream not coming true, shame and guilt leaving you feeling worthless, having someone overseas serving our country, and many more. There are many circumstances in life that can leave us less than willing. I'm learning though that God wants to use our lives/pencils to write His love in every circumstance.

The colors that God chooses. God can choose a color and we think we have a better color. Right now in your life God may have given you a dark color in your picture/painting and you long for a brighter color. The dark color in your life can come in many different hard circumstances. I know though that even though you may have been given a dark color in your life right now that God wants to to be the light and bright color in the dark color that is in your life. We can go through the dark colors in our life knowing that God has a bright color waiting for us as He takes our ashes and turns them into beauty. While He takes the ashes and turns them into beauty through our lives and being the willing pencils in His hand God is writing His love letter to the world.

Willing pencil in the hands of a loving God,

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