August 29, 2009

Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken
Down but not defeated.
Ashes that are being turned into beauty.
Knowing that Jesus shines in my brokeness.
God taking the ordinary in my life and turning it into something extraordinary.
Hurting but still running the race.
Reaching for and waiting to hear the words someday of My good and faithful servant.
Looking forward not behind.
Being set free of the past and how my life should be.
Knowing that I have been made in the image of God.
Being changed from the inside out.
Knowing that true beauty starts on the inside.
I am radiant when my eyes are focused on my God.
Has an Audience of One.
Seeks to have a heart after God.
Knows in God's arms I am safe.
Emersed in tears but filled with hope.

This is actually a page I have written in my journal. Before I share about it I want to first update you on my dad. He is doing good. He actually did some yard work the other day and you can tell he is feeling better. The only that is hurting him is his side that he bruised the other day. So pray for that to heal and quit hurting. Pray for safe travel as we go to M.D. Anderson on Monday. My dad will be in the hosiptal on Monday. I will update you all on when he is having chemo and getting out of the hosiptal.

The Beautifully Broken words written above is something that has been written in my journal for a while now. One day I was thinking about what it meant to be broken but knowing that God brings beauty in it. And these are the words that God gave me. I am broken but I'm thankful that I am not just broken but beautifully broken because of the beauty God is creating in my brokeness and pain. I am down but not defeated because of the hope I have in God. The hope of knowing that every road and journey I'm on God is with me and will carry me through.

Even though I have days where it feels like I'm emersed in tears I will always be filled with hope even in the midst of my tears because I serve and love the ulimate Hope Giver. The God that brings and gives hope in what may seem like a hopeless circumstance.

Beautifully Broken with hope,

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