July 25, 2009

Out of Hospital

When people ask us how in the world we can keep our balance during such stormy times, we don't boast. We don't brag. We point unabashedly to the One who makes it possible. Our eyes are on Jesus.
~ Max Lucado

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad got of the hospital today (Saturday). Pray that he will not have any reactions to the chemo. He is doing good just tired. Pray for his energy, appetite, no reactions, and his spirits to stay up. Thank you all for your support, love, and prayers for our family.

May when people ask you how you are able to face another day may you point to the One who gives you another day. We may not know what tomorrow holds but we know Who holds tomorrow and that is more than enough. That is not to say that I wake up every morning excited to face another day but I turn my day over to God and say You are going to have to help me get through another day. Even though I don't understand and have many questions with no answers I trust You anyway. Help to let go of how it should be. Help me to make my life matter today. Help me to love people like You do. I love You. And I start another day and make it through by God's grace. I have good and bad days. In every good and bad day I'm quick to call on the help, grace, and strength of my Savior so that I will live my life to make it matter that day and not think too far ahead but to focus just on today because for right now that is what God has given me.

It's crazy to think that school for me will be starting soon. It brings me back to last year when I started. It's hard to think back last year before December because that is how it should be right now: my dad without cancer and it's not. This journey for me has truly been a process and slowly but surely I'm learning God is a God that is working this for my good. How? Most days I can't see it but I'm trusting that He is and God wants only what is best for me. The holidays are hard thinking back to last year and soon in December the year anniversary will be coming up. Yet I make it through the holidays and another day because I am looking and pointing to the One that makes it possible.

Each day becomes possible because of Who holds that day,

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