September 1, 2009


My dad is ok. It has been a very long day him. His line placement went ok. They started chemo at 3:45 this afternoon. He is having sweats but hopefully they won't last long. The doctors are all exicted about my dad's reponse to the chemo. Just another miracle God has given our family.

The cancer markers started dropping after the July 4th treatment and they keep going down. Just another thing that we thank and praise God for.

Pray that my dad's platlettes will increase. They are low right now and the chemo makes them even lower.

My dad's appetite is pretty good and his blood sugars are excellent. He has gained three more pounds since his last visit.

My mom met a lady today that has requested prayer for her daughter, Patricia. Patricia is 24 years old (with a 4 year old daughter) and has ovarian cancer. She is now bed-ridden and very weak. The family loves the Lord and the family has ask for our prayers. They also met another young man that they were able to witness to who is searching for answers. Please keep praying for our family as we reach out to people with God's love.

In Christ alone,

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