June 29, 2009

Blood Test & Check In

Tomorrow (Tuesday) my dad will have blood tests to make sure his blood is thick enough for the prodecure on Wednesday. Also, tomorrow (Tuesday) night my dad will get checked in to the hosiptal. Pray that his blood is thick enough and that the prodecure will go well on Wednesday. This prodecure is dangerous but we trust and know that God is going into that operating room with my dad and the docters. They have done this prodecure a lot and it has gone well but it is still has danger involved in it. Pray that God will guide those docters and nurses hands. Also, pray that my dad will not have any reactions to this chemo and the chemo will kill the bad cells and leave the good ones alone. Pray that he will have an appetite and that he will have energy.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and love that you have shown our family. You all have been a blessing and it is all truely humbling. For it's when we humble ourselves before the Lord that He is able to lift us up.

May you see through our story and lives that God does His best work in brokeness. Because during the brokeness is when Jesus really shines if we let Him. Through it all in this life may people see the beautiful picture God is painting and may we always be thankful for the Artist that did the work.

In Christ alone,

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