July 21, 2009

Suffering Job

For any person who has tried to see God through shattered glass He speaks.
For those of us who have dared to say "If God is God . . . ," He speaks.
He speaks out of the storm and into the storm, for that is where Job is. That is where God is best heard.
All his life, Job had been a good man. All his life, he had believed in God. All his life, he had discussed God, had notions about Him, and prayed to Him.
But in the storm, Job sees Him.
He sees Hope. Lover. Destroyer. Giver. Taker. Deamer. Deliverer.
Job sees God - and that is enough.
For God gave Job more than Job ever dreamed. God gave Job Himself.
~ Max Lucado

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad will have 24 hours of chemo instead of the 48 hours of chemo tomorrow (Wednesday). Also, when he gets off the 24 hour chemo he will have another type of chemo for 60 minutes instead of 90 minutes. My dad has gained 4 pounds which is awesome. He will get taken to the back to prepare to have the line inserted into the liver at 9:00. Pray that the line getting inserted into the liver goes well and the line goes where it is supposed to go. Also, pray for his appetite, energy, and his spirits to stay up. I will let you all know how he is doing and when he gets out of the hosiptal. Thank you all for the prayers and please countinue them.

The quotes above are from a book I read called In the Eye of the Storm by Max Lucado. It's a good book if you are looking for one to read. In one of the chapters Max talked about Job. If you read the book of Job you will see that Job had a lot of suffering he went through. Job lost all his children, cattle, property, health, and pretty much everything that belonged to him. Even through it all Job instead of turning his back on God choose the unshakable faith that God offered him. Job knew that he served the God who gives and takes away and choose to say blessed be the name of the Lord. Job understand that he could have everything taken away from him but one thing and the most important thing to Job couldn't be taken away. The love of God and his realationship with his Creator. Job had his moments where he didn't understand and questioned God's plans. Job knew what it was like to have ye of little faith moments yet even in those moments Job still choose to trust that God truely had plans to give him a hope and a future even if Job couldn't see it. One thing is for certian Job choose even through the storm in his life to see God and embace the God who has nailed scared hands and understands the very defintion of suffering and pain.

Maybe in your life right now you have a shattered glass situation. It's my prayer that you will let God shine His light and love through the cracks. God understands that you will have your moments of ye of little faith. Even in those moments God doesn't point His finger at you saying you should have more faith but says it's okay and I'm here to comfort and love on you. Let Job be our example. The example of a person who lived a good life and loved God but still had suffering in his life but choose to realize that he had God who promised to never leave him or forsake him and for Job and for us it is more than enough. Through all the suffering Job went through he got more than he ever dreamed. Job expericed God in a whole new way and that is my prayer for you. That whatever you are going through that you would embace God and experince God in a very real and personal way. God is already embacing us in our suffering. The only question to ask ourselves is will we embace the God that never leaves our side?

Embacing God on the journey called life,

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