July 28, 2009

Painful Purpose

Title: Painful Purpose
Verse 1:
Pain pain go away
Come again another day
I can't wish the pain away
It's here to stay

Chorus 1:
God You ease the pain
You give me Your grace
To face another day
You're carrying me through the pain

Verse 2:
Where does life have you?
Would you rather be somewhere else?
Just know

Chorus 2:
God will ease your pain
He will give you His grace
To face another day
He will carry you through the pain

There's purpose in our pain
Because that's when God really shines
We know that

Chorus 3:
God will ease our pain
He will give us His grace
To face another day
He will carry us through the pain

Just something that I have written in my journal. The best way to describe it is God's voice speaking through mine. Also, I am posting another blog with another page from my journal and will update you about my dad in that blog. I hope these words have encouraged you. Life brings pain and sometimes God takes it away just as fast as it came and other times God says I'm not going to take the pain away but I am going to carry you through it. That is what God has told to our family. The pain is here and right now it's here to stay but I'm thankful that God promises to carry me through it and it's the same thing He will do for you. I actually wrote this page in my journal during this cancer journey I'm on with my dad. God is doing an amazing work in my heart as He is showing me that He truely is a Savior that never leaves my side even when I feel like He is nowhere to be found. May you know that God is there for you in your painful purpose that He has for your life.

Thankful for the purpose God has in my pain,

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