July 16, 2009

A Perfect Tapestry

I know God is using this awful experience to do something beautiful.
We beat cancer moment by moment as we allow God, not cancer, to control our thoughts. We beat it hour by hour as we remember that God's power within us is greater than the cancer. And we beat it day by day as we trust in God's strength and not in cancer's weakness.
God knows if you are in the desert and He knows how to give you streams in the midst of it.
~ Lynn Eib

Just wanted all of you to know that God has given us a stream in the desert. The biggest stream is being able to be home for this weekend. We actually got home today. We will be heading back to M.D. Anderson on Sunday. So pray on Sunday that we will have safe travel. My dad is not hanging around crowds or people who are sick. He cannot afford to get sick. Also, he is resting too.

May you look and expect God to bring streams in whatever desert you are facing. This is one of the many streams He has given us. We are seeing how God really does His best work in brokenness and how He is turning the ashes into beauty. The process of the "something beautiful" being created is certainly not easy and pain free but I know that is going to be so worth it in the end. Why? Because through each thing God is drawing us closer to Him and showing us how deep, long, and wide His love truely is. I know that God is painting a beautiful picture of His amazing grace through this. The grace that is sufficient for my every moment and need. I will always be thankful and quick to thank the Artist that is doing the work by taking the tattered fabric of my life and turning it into a perfect tapestry. The perfect tapestry that can only be created by my loving God who turns ashes into beauty.

Thankful to the Artist who is painting His grace,

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