June 9, 2009

Why me? Moments

So we are just enjoying our last week before we head over to M.D. Anderson. I have never appeciated being home like I am this week. Pray for us that we will have safe travel. We will be over there for 2 weeks so know if you are in our lives we will miss you. We will go over there knowing though that people back home are praying for us which means more than you will ever know.

Do you ever have moments in your life where you just want to ask God why me? Sometimes that question seems to be the biggest one we have and one that sums all the other questions up. There have many times on this journey that we as a family and individuals have asked God this question. Every time we seem to arrive at why not me?

I know that it rains on the righteous and unrighteous but sometimes life can just seem so unfair but that is life. Life is full of questions that we may never get answers to especially the question of why me in life. We as a family and individuals will never pretend to understand the why behind why our family was choosen for this particular journey but at the same time we trust the God who holds all the answers and our futures in His hands.

So how do we face why me moments in life? We run to God with everything in us while we still don't understand and trust that He knows what He is doing. So whether you are loving your life right now or wondering what God is up to know that He is always working in our situations whether we can see it or not.

Never be afraid to trust your unknown future to a known God. God knows what He is doing. I promise you that. God has showed us time and time again on this journey that He knows what He is doing. An example of that is that when we found out that my dad had cancer weeks later people in our neighborhood found out they had cancer. My dad was able to let them know what to expect. I promise you that my dad would tell you if our journey, our story, and our life can touch somebody's life than it is worth it. We want to share the hope we have with people and that we can trust the God who holds all the answers whether the answers are revealed to us or not.

Cherish the time you have with loved ones.

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  1. May y'all have a blessed and safe trip! I hope y'all will have some time to relax a little, too.

    I know, it's not hard not to ask "why me?", but God has a plan for everyone which is revealed in His time. It's hard to just sit back, relax, take a breath and let it reveal itself... I know I'm always wanting to rush Him! ;)

    When Jonas had his issues when he was born, I tried to put "why me" aside and focus on getting him better. That time was probably one of the lowest points in all my days and it was hard not to question things. Over time, there were times when the hospital needed my weird platelts (hee hee) for special cases. If we would have never went through what we did with Jonas, we would have never known this and some sick people would not have been helped.

    Let us know if y'all need anything while y'all are away!