June 13, 2009

Dinner with Friends & Last Weekend

So this was our last weekend home. We had a great weekend mixed with sadness. On Thursday night we had dinner and prayer time with my best friend Mallory. Mallory is one of those friends that I have been friends with forever. She is always there for me and someone I know has our family in her prayers. We are both the only child in our famlies so we are like sisters. Her parents and my parents are best friends and her parents treat me like I am their own daughter. I love our friendship and it something I cherish deeply. This is one person that I will miss so much while we are gone but I take the comfort knowing that she is just a phone call away.
Then tonight we had dinner and prayer time with my best friend Alissa's family. I went to church with her but we didn't become really close till this year. This year she started coming to school where I go and she is someone that I took under my wing so to speak and helped finding stuff around the school and in the process through helping her on the first day and eating lunch together we have become really close friends. She has two younger sisters and so it is a fun time when I go over to her house. She is the friend that I know is always praying for me and our family. Alissa is the friend that always gives you a listening ear and there for you no matter what. I know that she would always stand up for me and has my back. Also, her parents are best friends with my parents. Her parents treat me as if I am their own daughter. Her friendship is precious and something that I am so thankful for. I will miss this family and her so much.
So this weekend has been a great weekend and a sad weekend for us. We don't won't to leave but we know that God has gone before us and opened the doors. It's just that two weeks is a long time but we know that God will carry us through it. Hopefully we will have the chance to minster to the other families and patients at the hosiptal. We will be leaving tomorrow after church. Pray that we will have safe travel and share the hope and joy we have in our Savior. Also, pray that the docters would have wisdom. They are doing tests the first two weeks so pray that the tests go well. Even though the mourning may last for the night we know that God gives us His joy in the morning and His new mercies. Whatever you are going through know that God's grace is suffient for you and He will give you the strength to get through whatever journey you are on.
We love each and every one of you and we will miss you. Countinue to check here as I will try to update here daily.
Enjoying sleeping tonight in my own bed for a while,

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