May 23, 2009

Summer is Here

Its official for me that I'm out of school. I got out on Friday and had finals this past week. I am so glad I'm out. So now that I am out I will have more free time and I will try to post more often.

The scan results came back. Basically his pancreas stayed the same size which is good that it didn't grow but we would have liked for it to shrink. The spots on the liver grew but not as fast. Again good that the spots are not growing as fast but we don't want the spots growing. Period.

It can get frustrating at times. A wave of emotions can show up at any secound. But even in the midst of the sometimes very strong wave of emotions I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that God is in control. Even though I don't always see it I have to have the faith that He is always working in my situation.

The verse at the top of this blog talks about how God has turned the storm to a whisper. I like to think about that like this. The storm is still there and will probably countine to be here for a while but through the storm there is a peace that only God can give. It is a journey that is truely one day at a time. Other times the wave of emotions come and it becomes moment by moment. But even in the moment by moment or day by day God gives me His grace that is made sufficient for every moment of every single day.

So even though this part of my life can be very dark I know that God is taking the ashes and turning them into a beautiful picture that only He could create.

So yes it is a journey that is not the easiest thing and certainly not one that we would have picked as a family or individuals. But even in it we know as a family and individuals that God is speaking in it and showing everyone that looks at our life that He takes the painful things, scary things, and hard things and is painting a beautiful picture of His amazing grace. Through our family we pray that people will see we serve a God who is faithful and never fails us.

Letting God take the ashes and turn them into beauty. Will you do the same?

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