May 10, 2009

Scan Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a scan for my dad to see if this type of chemo is working. Please keep him in your prayers and that the results will come back showing that the chemo is working as it should be. We should get the results on Wednesday so I'll update about the results then.

Today we had our family pictures made. My mom wanted that for Mother's Day so we went to church, went out to eat, and then went and had our pictures made. We got some really good ones. I will post some later.

A couple more weeks and school is out for me. I am so ready to be out. If I could ask you a favor will you please pray for me this week and next week. This is the week before finals and then next week is finals so it will be stressful. That I will have the energy and strength I need to get through it.

At the top of this blog is one of my favorite verses and a verse that always motivates me to love people like Jesus did. I can do everything for Him, I can give money to charity, and volunteer my time to help other people in need but if I do all that and have not loved people during the process then I have gained nothing at all. One of my favorite authors is Max Lucado he says the secret to loving is living loved. By living loved Max is talking about letting the One who made you love you despite where you are and what your past is. We can not give something if we haven't first received something. We will never by ourselves be able to love people the way that Jesus did unless we take hold of His love for us first. Once we have received God's love for us then we can't help but share it with broken and hurting people. That includes the people who are rude, who aren't in our circles, and everyone that crosses our path.

So I'm asking you to do yourselve a favor. Go rest in the amazing love God has waiting for you to receive and then once you receive it go share that love with every single person that crosses your path.

If you are a mom reading this I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

May you be swept away by God's everlasting love for you and the love that will never fail you,

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  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2009

    Bridget- you are well beyond your years...wonderful entry. Praying for Mr. Edward and your entire family as always...can't wait to see your family pics!

    Love yall~ Maggie