April 9, 2009

I'm Back

First of all let me first say I'm sorry for being absent from my blog. This was the last week in school before the holidays and I had bunch of tests and homework this week. Now that I have a break I'm back.
This weekend we will be out of town to see family. We have church tonight and we will be leaving early in the morning to go see the family. It is a huge blessing that my dad feels well enough to go. Pray that he will countinue to have his energy. We have not seen our family since Christmas so we are really looking forward to the time we are going to have with them this weekend. We will be back on Sunday.
Speaking of Sunday hopefully you know what day it is. It's Easter. A great time for us to think about the ulimate sacrifice that Jesus made for us on that cross. I pray that you will be swept away this weekend by God's love for you. If you were the only one on this planet He still would have done what He did. God sent His only Son Jesus knowing that we were not going to be perfect, knowing that we would disobey, knowing that we would choose our own way instead of His, and knowing that we would stumble, fall down, and make mistakes. Yet even in the midst of all that He knew we would do He still choose to pay the ulimate price for me and you. Why you may ask? Because God loves us despite ourselves. God couldn't imagen what it would be like without you. God loves you that much and more than we could ever try to imagen. So it's my prayer for you this weekend that you would think about the ulimate sacfrice that was paid and know it was just for you. So you wouldn't have to bear the burdens that this world has to give us but so we could be free from sin and the burdens in this life and ulimately have the abundant life that we so despertly seach for. Go to God this weekend and realize everything you want, need, and want is in Him. Let Him sweep you away by His love.
By the way go to church this weekend. Tell the Easter Bunny I say hello ;)
Being swept away by God's love,

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