March 26, 2009


This a place where I will be blogging about what is on my heart. Also, on this blog I will be blogging about how my dad is doing with his cancer. You can come and check this site and know how to pray for him and our family.

This December we found out that my dad had cancer. He has had chemo now for a few mounths. He is doing good and we countine as individuals and as a family look to God as our strength, comfort, and guide on this journey.

This blog I hope will show you that in even when life does not turn out the we think it should or the way we want to we can still say blessed be the name of the Lord. In the good and bad times in your life I pray that you will join me in praising God in the storms that may be come our way on this journey called life. And in the hard moments that we will hold on to our hope that endures.

I pray more than anything that when you leave this blog you will know that God loves you just the way you are despite what your circumstances may look like. His love is everlasting and will be the thing that will carry you in your darkest moments. He has plans to give you a hope and future and it's my prayer that you will take hold of those plans and let Him do what He does best and that is making our lifes into something beautiful. God will take your what may seem like ordinary life and turn it into something extraordinary. Bring your broken pieces whatever they may be and whatever the story behind them is and let Him shine in your brokeness. For it's when we are weak He is strong.

Resting in His love,

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